Jeff Bezos Ridiculed for ‘Tone-Deaf’ Victory Lap Thanking Amazon Workers and Shoppers: ‘You Guys Paid for All This’


Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was bashed on social media in response to “tone-deaf” commentary that was made during a press conference Tuesday.

Following the launch of the New Shepard rocket developed by his aerospace manufacturing company, Blue Origin, Bezos alongside the rest of the crew held a press conference discussing their experience and showed appreciation for the success of the launch.

Bezos thanked the individuals that made the launch possible, including “every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer,” continuing that, “you guys paid for all this.”

This commentary received immense backlash across Twitter, with many noting that the statement was perceived as disrespectful to employees and customers alike.

You can watch the press conference above, via MSNBC

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