Leo Terrell, Geraldo Rivera Engage in Fiery Clash on Fox Over Jacob Blake Shooting: ‘We’re Not a Nation of Rogue Cops!’


Leo Terrell and Geraldo Rivera ignited a fiery clash about Jacob Blake’s shooting by police on Wednesday afternoon, yelling over each other as they tried to argue about the significance of the shocking viral video. ]

Appearing together on Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Reports, the pair quickly diverged about the existence of systemic racism in law enforcement and offered radically different takes on the initial shooting, the unrest that has followed, and the impromptu strikes that shook the sports world on Wednesday.

“The video of Jacob Blake getting shot in the back seven times by the cop at point-blank range, that was something that every black man in this country related to,” Rivera said, leading off. “Those players looked at that and said, what happens when I drive home from a game and I see the blue lights behind me the cop comes up to me, and he’s in a bad mood, bad training, he thinks I’m reaching for my license, and I get shot?”

“There is a fragility about this,” Rivera added, before alluding to major sports figures emotionally speaking out. “These players are not being spoiled brats, they are responding in a visceral way. Almost everybody wants social justice, everybody wants law and order. The response of the writers and the looters is one thing, but what LeBron James and Doc Rivers, this pain that they are expressing, that’s for real and we have to deal with that. The president should address it.”

Hemmer then asked Terrell if the prospect of the NBA cancelling its playoffs in solidarity with the protests would be counterproductive.

“First of all, every black man doesn’t feel like they’re being chased by the police,” Terrell said in rebuttal to Rivera. “Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina, 18 stops by police. This man does not look at the police officers as bogeyman. I think it would be wrong…”

“He got stopped 18 times by the cops, Leo?!” an incredulous Rivera broke in.

“He got stopped over 18 times. Sen. Tim Scott he’s been stopped numerous times, Geraldo.”

Rivera throwing his hands up in the air, said: “That’s my point!”

“No, you’re missing the point,” Terrell “Black people do not have a racial animus towards police officers. Why, because they’re black police officers, yellow. This is not 1950. These black players, Bill, Geraldo, are rich multimillionaires who are surrounded by private police protection. I find it disingenuous for them to make a determination about this situation before all all facts are in. Remember Rayshard Brooks, Atlanta, everybody rushed to the conclusion. This is not George Floyd. The use it as a pretext. The president is right.”

“Did you see the video?! The guy got shot seven times in the back,” Rivera broke in, clearly frustrated. “Come on!”

“I saw the video,” Terrell shot back. “I’ve been doing police misconduct for years. You wait until all the facts are in. Shame on you. Rayshard Brooks.”

“When you react this viscerally, when you’re reacting viscerally, you’re not waiting for the grand jury minutes,” Rivera said, interrupting Terrell. “You see what you see.”

“Ahhh, no!” Terrell rebutted, shaking his head in disgust.

” When my wife was watching that with me for the first time,” Rivera shot back, “the Jacob Blake shooting, he started crying!”

“We are a nation of laws! We are a nation of laws!” Terrell yelled back, as the conversation devolved into chaos.

“We’re not a nation of rogue cops!” Rivera fired back, amidst the verbal scrum.

“We are a nation of laws!” Terrell kept yelling.

“We can debate this,” Hemmer finally broke in, trying to bring control back to the program.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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