MSNBC’s Joy Reid Causes a Stir With Her Latest Take: Conservatives ‘Would Trade all the Tax Cuts’ to ‘Say the N-Word’

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Screenshot via MSNBC.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid opined on Thursday that conservatives would trade part of their policy agenda to “say the N-word.”

“I’ll say it again: people on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word like in ‘the good old days,'” Reid wrote in a message on Twitter. “To them, not being able to be openly racist and discriminatory without consequence is oppression. Trump is the avatar for this ‘freedom.'”

Reid was responding to messages from MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson and Bari Weiss, the former New York Times editor who quit last year with a lengthy resignation letter claiming her colleagues had “bullied” her with accusations of being “a Nazi and a racist.” In an earlier part of this week’s exchange, Weiss highlighted a student who said self-censorship was “the norm, not the exception” at their school. “I self-censor even when talking to some of my best friends for fear of word getting around,” the student added.

Johnson replied with a suggestion that the student had taken issue “censoring yourself from saying the N word amongst friends,” motivating Reid’s interjection.

Reid’s remarks drew blowback from conservatives on social media who accused the MSNBC host of overgeneralizing.

Some on the left defended Reid, claiming her assessment was correct.


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