NEW POLL: DeSantis Absolutely Clobbers Ted Cruz in Texas Primary Poll — But Trails Trump By More Than Double



DeSantis Absolutely Clobbers Ted Cruz in Texas Primary Poll — But Trails Trump By More Than Double

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis absolutely clobbers Sen. Ted Cruz in a GOP primary poll of Texas — but trails former President Donald Trump by more than double in the same poll.

Respondents to a CWS Research Texas presidential primary poll were asked “If former President Donald Trump declines to participate in the 2024 Presidential Primary, and your
remaining candidates were Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Nikki Haley, and Kristi Noem, for whom would you vote?”

DeSantis crushed runner-up Cruz by 29 points and beat Texas Governor Greg Abbott by even more.

Then they were asked about a Trump-inclusive field.

From Florida Politics:

Florida’s Governor polled much better than two favorite son candidates: Sen. Ted Cruz was favored by just 19% of respondents, good for a distant second place. And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was favored by just 10% of respondents, putting him in fourth place behind former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, a former South Carolina Governor who had 13% support.

In the polling of a Trump-inclusive field, the former President drew 46% support, well ahead of DeSantis, whose 20% was good for second place. Haley drew 10% in that scenario, with Cruz getting 8% support and Abbott just 6%.

The poll underscores Cruz’s weakness as a presidential candidate, and DeSantis’ strength should Trump decide not to run — or even if he does.

In one poll of Florida primary voters, DeSantis trailed Trump, but was well within the poll’s 7.4 percent margin of error. But in a general election against President Joe Biden, DeSantis actually polled better than Trump by five points.

And while Trump consistently leads in primary polls, DeSantis has wide support. DeSantis has solidified his grip on the non-Trump field in the McLaughlin poll. In a Trump-less primary, DeSantis leads with 26 percent, with Donald Trump Jr. in second at 18 percent.

In another recent poll from UMass Amherst conducted by YouGov, Trump led DeSantis 55% to 20%, but DeSantis receive support from 69 percent of Republicans who listed him as either their first (20%), second (37%) or third (12%) choice.

Trump is well ahead of DeSantis, but it’s early, and state polls can be building blocks to credibility as a candidate. Still, DeSantis has a long way to go.

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