NJ Governor Scorches Anti-Maskers: ‘You Know What’s Uncomfortable and Annoying? When You Die.’


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy shot down complaints from New Jersey residents who say wearing a face mask is “uncomfortable and annoying,” telling them, “You know what’s uncomfortable and annoying? When you die.”

After being asked during a coronavirus briefing on Thursday what he says to people who are “tired of wearing the mask over their nose as well as their mouth” because it’s “uncomfortable and annoying,” Murphy replied, “You know what’s really uncomfortable and annoying? When you die. That’s my answer.”

“And this is not a forever and for always,” he continued. “I mentioned April, May, where Tony Fauci thought there was broad distribution of vaccines.”

“This is not forever. We’re in a sprint right now and I would just ask people to bear down,” Murphy said. “Kids very well may be asymptomatic, and unless Tina tells me otherwise we believe that asymptomatic kids or adults can still spread the virus, right, so that’s still… that’s a fact.”

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