NY Attorney General Letitia James Torches ‘Loser’ Trump Over Martial Law Meeting: ‘This is an Act of Sedition’


New York Attorney General Letitia James told SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah that President Donald Trump’s discussion of martial law during a White House meeting, as well as his other behavior surrounding the election results, amount to “an act of sedition.”

On Friday’s edition of The Dean Obeidallah Show, the host asked AG James about Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, including meeting at White House to discuss imposing martial law with pardoned felon Michael Flynn.

James told Dean that “The days of President Trump are closely coming to an end. And the reality is is that this is an act of sedition. This president is engaging in illegality, and the fact that he would even consider martial law is an affront to our values, and to the Constitution.”

The people have spoken, and he should accept the outcome of the election, as opposed to trying to find fraud where none exists,” James continued and went on to say that the entire enterprise is  “nothing more than a distraction” from issues like the raging coronavirus pandemic and its attendant economic misery.

“And the reality is that this is nothing more than an attempt by President Trump to raise money. It’s fundraising. That’s all that this is. Fundraising. And that’s all that he cares about,” James said.  “He’s in the White House, and he stews on the fact that he’s a loser, and he lost this election, and unfortunately he’s finding it hard to accept. He lost.”

AG James also raised the specter of a disruption to the certification of the Electoral College results, telling Obeidallah that  “members of Congress in all likelihood will again try to circumvent the will of the people, undermine our democracy, and delay or attempt to delay the fact that Vice President Biden and Vice President-elect Harris will soon be sworn in on January 20th.”

Watch the clip above, via SiriusXM.

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