Politico Poll Asks How Much Fox News and CNN Are to Blame for Mass Shootings


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A new Politico/Morning Consult poll asked how much blame for mass shootings should be assigned to Fox News and CNN, among others.

Respondents to the poll were asked “How much do you blame each of the following for mass shootings?” and while the overwhelming majority blamed things like racism (67 percent) and easy access to guns (69 percent), the number of people who blame cable news is not insignificant.

Fox News was blamed “a lot” or “some” by 34 percent of respondents, while nearly a quarter said the same of CNN.

There were stark partisan differences among those responses, as 47 percent of Democrats blame Fox News, versus 29 percent of Independents and 18 percent of Republicans.

And among Republicans, 32 percent blamed CNN, while 20 percent each of Independents and Democrats said the same. But that’s still about one in five Republicans blaming Fox News, and one in five Democrats blaming CNN. The poll did not ask respondents about MSNBC.

Despite research to the contrary, a majority of Americans — 52 percent — also blame video games for mass shootings.

Of all the choices given, President Joe Biden was least likely to be blamed for mass shootings, with 21 percent saying he deserves “a lot” or “some” blame. Among political leaders, Republicans in Congress were most likely to be blamed, at 40 percent, while 23 percent blamed Democrats in Congress. Democrats were much more likely to blame congressional Republicans (70%) than Republicans were to blame congressional Democrats (40%).

And in the continuation of a longstanding trend, support for gun control provisions was high, even overwhelming in many cases — such as 83 percent support for background checks on all gun purchases, 73 percent support for a three-day waiting period, 72 percent for safe storage laws, 70 percent for a national database of firearms sales, and 64 percent support for an assault weapons ban.

The poll was taken April 09-12, 2021, and has a margin of error of +/-2 percent.

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