Roger Stone Wants Daily Beast Reporters To Be Arrested Over ‘Seditious’ Activities


Longtime President Donald Trump advisor and convicted felon Roger Stone floated the idea of arresting Daily Beast staff members and shutting down their offices if the news organization engages in “seditious” activities as the November election approaches.

Stone’s comments were made during an appearance on right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show InfoWars.

“Why do you think the big Democrat websites, Daily Beast, all of them, have come out and said they’re particularly worried about InfoWars challenging their electors,” Jones began, in a clip first flagged by the liberal watchdog group, Media Matters For America.

Stone then responded while remarking on a report published by The Daily Beast that explained what some liberal groups might do if Trump doesn’t leave office if he loses come November.

“It’s always with these groups, projection, it’s projection — but if The Daily Beast is involved in publicly seditious and illegal activities, their entire staff can be taken into custody and their office can be shut down,” Stone stated.

“If they want to play war, this is war,” he added.

The GOP operative, known for his dirty political tricks, then touted that all his activities in support of Trump’s 2020 campaign are legal.

“Everything I’m going to be involved with in terms of helping Donald Trump get elected will be perfectly transparent and legal.”

Stone then took aim at the IQ of reporters at the news site.

“The average age of a person who writes for The Daily Beast is…the average IQ, pardon me, is probably 75,” Stone stated. “They don’t know what they are talking about.”

Mediate reached out to several staffers at the Daily Beast for comment. They did not seem to be very worried about Stone’s threats.

“That degenerate, geriatric fop will likely see the inside of a jail before any Daily Beast reporter does,” said Editor-at-Large Rick Wilson.

Editor-at-Large Molly Jong-Fast told Mediaite that the joke is on Stone.

Politics reporter Will Sommer first flagged the remarks made by Stone, appearing to poke fun at the comments with a  “?” emoji.

Additional Daily Beast reporters also made light of Stone’s remarks on Twitter.

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