Rudy Giuliani, Joe diGenova Tag Team Unhinged Rant Against Trump’s Impeachment: ‘Regicide… Political Suicide Bombers’


Rudy Giuliani and Joe diGenova paired up to deliver a bizarre, splenetic, and at-times unhinged rant against President Donald Trump’s impeachment, equating the two whistleblowers to “suicide bombers” and accusing House Democrats of a “seditious attack” and attempted “regicide.”

Appearing within the friendly, on-air confines of Fox News’ Ingraham Angle, Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, and diGenova, who has also been linked to the Trump White House’s behind-the-scenes moves to get Ukraine to investigate potential 2020 rival Joe Biden, lashed out repeatedly at what they claimed was an unfair investigation.

“How can you possibly tolerate the idea that [Trump] is going to be tried by anonymous witnesses, behind a wall,” Giuliani exclaimed to host Laura Ingraham, referring to the two unnamed whistleblowers, one of whom House Democrats have considered masking their identity during testimony after being threatened by the president. Giuliani then called out the Democrats for failing to vote on formal articles of impeachment, because they feared giving the president’s legal team subpoena power.

“Then we get to show the collusion in Ukraine that necessitate Trump doing what he did…which would go right back to Hillary,” Giuliani told Ingraham, repeating a conspiracy theory about the 2016 election.

Tagging in, diGenova first fired off of random insult at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caller her an “incandescent ignoramus,” prompting a cackling fit from his panel partner, Giuliani. He then trained his fire on the Democratic Party, writ large.

“They don’t like the rule of law because they want to decide everything like a kangaroo court,” diGenova claimed. “Queen of hearts, man. It’s over. You’re dead. You’re guilty. No evidence necessary. So, the Democrats used to love process and procedure and the rule of law. They are literally subverting the rule of law in what really amounts to a seditious attack on the government. It really is sedition.”

For good measure, Giuliani chimed in again to blame “the press” for enabling the House Democrats’ impeachment of Trump. “It really is the fault of the press,” he said. “They can say anything they want, the stupidest things. They can be as corrupt as they want and they don’t get investigated, nobody cares, nobody worries.”

This episode followed an earlier moment on the show, when diGenova unleashed a stunning metaphor likening the impeachment inquiry to the murder of a king and the White House whistleblowers to terrorists.

“What you’re seeing is regicide. This is regicide by another name, fake impeachment,” diGenova repeated. “The Democrats in the House want to destroy the president. They don’t want to preserve the Republic. There’s nothing honorable about what is happening. This is a despicable abuse of constitutional power.”

DiGenova then upped the incendiary rhetoric against the whistleblowers, the first of which the intelligence community’s Inspector General has said acted appropriately and followed the law.

“We get first one anonymous informant, then a second anonymous informant, I refuse to call them whistleblowers,” diGenova said. “These two nonentities are suicide bombers that the Democrats have unleashed on the democratic process. They actually think the American people are going to accept having people testify secretly without anyone knowing who they are, where they worked, what their party affiliation was, who they conspired with.”

DiGenova then made a completely baseless claim, which he called “obvious,” that the initial whistleblower was working with the Democratic Party.

At that point, after watching one of her guest repeatedly analogize legally protected government whistleblowers to violent terrorists, Ingraham broke in to do damage control.

“You mean political suicide bombers, obviously, before we start getting people saying ‘Oh, he really meant suicide bombers!'” Ingraham helpfully clarified, to which diGenova mumbled “Oh yes” and Giuliani cracked up laughing.

Watch the videos above, via Fox News.

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