‘This Is Just What Drives Us Crazy’: Dem Senator Snaps At Snapchat Executive for Dodging Question on Privacy Bill


Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) snapped at a Snapchat executive on Tuesday over whether she supports his legislation, the Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection Act.

“Do you support my child protection, my teen protection law? Do you support it?” Markey asked Jennifer Stout, vice president of global public policy at Snapchat, during a hearing held by the Senate Commerce’s consumer protection subcommittee featuring executives from not only Snapchat, but also YouTube and TikTok.

“So, senator, we agree that there should be additional protections put against young people to protect them further from,” said Stout, before Markey interjected with “Yeah, so have you had a chance the Child Online Privacy Protection [Act] update that I’ve introduced. It’s been out there for years.”

“Do you support it or not,” asked Markey.

“I think, senator, we’d love to talk to you a bit more about,” said Stout before being interrupted by Markey, who said, “No, no … Listen, this is just what drives us crazy. We want to talk, we want to talk, we want to talk. This bill’s been out there for years, and you still don’t have a view on it? Do you support it or not?”

“I think there are things we’d like to work with you on, senator,” replied Stout.

Markey was having none of it.

“This is just the old game,” he said.

Markey then asked Michael Beckerman, the head of public policy at TikTok, if he supports his legislation.

“We like your approach, however, I think a piece that should be included is a better way to verify age across the Internet, across apps, rather than a system that is in place now,” he replied. “With that improvement, it would be something that we’d be happy to support.”

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