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Tucker Carlson Calls for Senator Burr to Resign and Face Prosecution Over $1.7M Stock Dump Unless He Has an ‘Honest Explanation’

There has been outrage across the political spectrum over a shocking report that Senate Intelligence chair Richard Burr (R-NC) dumped as much as $1.7 million in stock just before the market tanked, despite publicly maintaining that the government was on top of the coronavirus. Thursday night on Fox News, Tucker Carlson completely tore into the senator from the Tar Heel state.

In a scathing end-of-show commentary, Carlson called on the senator to either justify his actions, or step down and be indicted.

“Maybe there is an honest explanation for what he did,” Carlson said. “If there is, he should share it with the rest of us immediately. Otherwise, he must resign from the senate and face prosecution for insider trading.”

The stock selloff — which, according to ProPublica, took place over 33 separate transactions — preceded the recent Dow Jones 30 percent drop by roughly one week. Incredibly, a Burr spokesman’s response to the story, in a statement (via CNN), was “Senator Burr filed a financial disclosure form for personal transactions made several weeks before the U.S. and financial markets showed signs of volatility due to the growing coronavirus outbreak.”

Carlson was completely incensed by the news.

“There is no greater moral crime than betraying your country in a time of crisis,” he said.

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