WATCH: Chris Cuomo Thoroughly Debunks Wild Biden-Ukraine Claims From Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow in Fiery Clash


Chris Cuomo faced off with President Donald Trump’s other personal lawyer, Jay Sekulow, in yet another heated debate where the CNN host shot down wild, baseless accusations about Joe Biden made by the president’s defense counsel.

Less than a week after Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani melted down on his show, ranting about George Soros-backed conspiracy theories and repeatedly contradicting himself, Cuomo reprised that clash. And as with Giuliani’s appearance, Sekulow tried to distract from his client’s potential misconduct by dismissing the impeachment announcement as “political theater” and pushing baseless allegations about the former vice president’s.

“You think it’s okay for the President of the United States to ask the president of Ukraine to help him with a political opponent?” Cuomo asked.

“That’s not what the president said in the transcript and you’ve read it and you know that’s not what the president said,” Sekulow shot back. “He said he’s concerned about corruption and Joe Biden bragged on television that he gave a prosecutor in Ukraine to be fired in six hours or a billion dollars will be withheld. Do you think that’s a quid pro quo?”

“I think it’s absolutely a quid pro quo, but it wasn’t done for personal advantage,” Cuomo pointed out, as Sekulow talked over him.

“Oh no, really? Chris, Chris, you know that’s not the case,” Sekulow replied.

“Hold on, Jay. The president says in the call and the White House says in its talking points that Joe Biden was bragging about taking out a prosecution, which is a lie…” Cuomo pointed out, as Sekulow again interrupted. The CNN host then went on to explain that Biden’s push for the removal of the special prosecutor echoed calls from elsewhere in the US government, the EU, and even from the Ukrainian government. And when Sekulow wouldn’t relent in trying to tied Biden’s son, Hunter the prosecutor, Cuomo hit him with another set of facts that blew apart his argument.

“Did Hunter Biden work for the business when Shokin was looking at it? When he started the investigation, was Hunter Biden working for the company?” Cuomo asked, point blank.

“But it was an ongoing investigation,” Sekulow offered up.

“He started the investigation — the guy wasn’t even working for the company!” Cuomo noted in exasperation.

Sekulow, cornered, could only shake his head and then hold up the Trump-Zelensky call summary again and try to change the subject.

Turning back to Trump’s other lawyer, Cuomo pressed Sekulow on why Trump offered up Giuliani and Attorney General Bill Barr to help the Ukrainians investigate the Bidens.

“I invited him back on the show,” Cuomo noted, before asking about Giuliani’s Madrid meeting with a aide to the Ukrainian president. “Was he there alone or on behalf of the State Department? Did the president know? Did he not know? That matters. Was the State Department involved? Who gave different stories about holding up the funding, why was the A.G. involved?”

“Hold it. First of all, has there been any evidence of anything involving the A.G.? No.” Sekulow said.

“Other than the president offering him up as hired help to the president of Ukraine?” Cuomo pointed out.

“Would it not be appropriate for an Attorney General to work with the Attorney general of Ukraine to — of course that would be appropriate,” Sekulow claimed.

“I don’t know it’s appropriate,” Cuomo said, before Sekulow was careful to point out that there is no evidence that the thing he just called “appropriate” never happened.

“The evidence is [Trump] saying I’m going to give you a call, Mr. President, help you look into the Biden stuff,” Cuomo pointed out again. “Why would our government not just look into the Biden stuff? Why would you not have them look into the Biden stuff? Why didn’t the Republicans look into the Biden stuff when they were in the charge of the House? Why didn’t Paul Ryan look into it?”

Watch the videos above, via CNN.

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