MUST WATCH: Giuliani Says He Asked Ukraine to Probe Biden Seconds After Denying it in Trainwreck CNN Interview


Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani launched into a wild, rambling attack claiming Vice President Joe Biden bribed Ukrainian officials to protect his son, Hunter, during an epic, trainwreck interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo 

From the outset of his appearance, Giuliani was on the offense, throwing out rhetorical chaff to distract the conversation away from a blockbuster whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump.

“I’m glad I’m on tonight because what you just said is totally erroneous,” Giuliani asserted about Cuomo’s introduction about the whistleblower story. “Every single thing you just said is completely spun in the same direction you’ve been doing for two years!”

Giuliani quickly pivoted back to the 2016, and then unequivocally claimed that Joe Biden “bribed the president of the Ukraine in order to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son.”

After minutes of crosstalk and wild claims, Cuomo finally pinned down on Giuliani and pressed him to answer a simple question about his trip to Ukraine.

“Did you ask the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden?” Cuomo asked.

“No, actually I didn’t. I asked Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of 2016 by the Ukrainians for the benefit of Hillary Clinton for which there already…” Giuliani said.

“Your never asked anything about Hunter Biden? You never asked anything about Joe Biden to the prosecutor?” Cuomo pressed.

“The only thing I asked is to get to the bottom of how it was that the guy who was appointed dismissed the case against Antac,” Giuliani responded.

“So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden,” Cuomo pointed out.

“Of course I did,” Giuliani said.

“You just said you didn’t!” Cuomo shot back.

The pair continued to clash, and Giuliani grew increasingly unhinged, insulting Cuomo as a “sellout” and then linking the nephew of former Boston mobster Whitey Bulger to Biden and claimed that “corrupt media” like CNN won’t cover it.

When Cuomo finally cornered Giuliani on the breaking news about the intelligence official’s whistleblower complaint, Giuliani claimed he had no knowledge of the president’s communications with Ukraine and strongly suggested, absent any evidence, the complaint was unfair plot to undermine Trump.

“So the president has this conversation. There’s something in the conversation that’s troubling enough for someone to lodge a complaint under the whistleblowers statute,” Cuomo began.

“Who those who this person is and what motive he has?” Giuliani broke in.

“Rudy, we covered that. I’m trying to tell you the premise of the question,” Cuomo patiently explained.

“You don’t think there’s a deep state?” Giuliani responded,

“I think there’s a little deep state going on now,” a clearly frustrated Cuomo said.

“I’m a deep state? I go on television and answer questions!” Giuliani bellowed.

“Not so great tonight, I’ve got to be honest,” Cuomo responded. “You’ve been very insulting, very circumspect.”

“I’m very insulting directly to your face, not behind your back,” Giuliani proudly pointed out, before going on another rant about how CNN won’t cover the alleged corruption of Biden.

When Cuomo was finally able to point out that $250 million in aid was just released to Ukraine today, just a few weeks after the whistleblower filed his or her complaint, Giuliani said he didn’t care.

“The only thing the inspector general can do is look at what the person says and say we have to investigate it. He has no idea if the person is honest, dishonest or crazy,” Giuliani added.

“Really? You don’t think part of what the I.G. Is doing is assessing the credibility of the person who comes forward with the complaint?” Cuomo asked.

“100%, they have no idea how to do that,” Giuliani shot back, and again, quickly deflected the conversation back to Biden. But when Cuomo called his bluff, and asked Trump’s lawyer to give him the documents proving the bribery allegations, Giuliani retreated into yet another conspiracy theory.

“Why would I give the enemy the documents?” Giuliani asked.

“Now I’m the enemy,” Cuomo noted.

“You are not fair and impartial. You are totally biased and your network is a creature of a Democratic National Committee!” Giuliani claimed.

When the bonkers, 28 minute-long segment finally ended moments later, Giuliani couldn’t resist throwing one last barb at Cuomo.

“Have a good night. Somebody needs to because you’re not aware of what you’re doing. Good night,” a weary Cuomo said.

“Of course I’m aware of what I’m saying,” Giuliani protested.

“Have a good night,” Cuomo repeated.

“Well, you shouldn’t have a good night because what you’re doing is very bad for the country,” Giuliani shot back.

This post has been updated to include videos of the entire segment, via CNN.

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