CNN Gives Viewers ‘Exclusive New Video’ Of Trump — Going To Dinner At His Own Resort


CNN has been promoting “exclusive new video” of former President Donald Trump — going to dinner with his team at his Doral golf resort.

Trump’s first appearance in court on 37 counts related to violations of the Espionage Act is set for Tuesday, but on Monday night’s edition of CNN’s OutFront, host Erin Burnett alerted viewers to “new and exclusive video” of Trump showing up at Doral for dinner, complete with play-by-play from CNN correspondent Randi Kaye:

BURNETT: Tonight, CNN just getting new and exclusive video of the former president. He is at his resort in south Florida tonight just hours away from being criminally arraigned on 37 counts, criminal counts related to his handling of classified documents, dissemination of those documents, retention, and obstruction.

Randi Kaye is OUTFRONT live from Florida.

And, Randi, what is Trump doing on the eve of this court appearance, which any lawyer will tell you should now be the single most important thing in his life?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely. Erin, he arrived here at his resort in Doral, Florida, about 3:30 this afternoon or so. He went upstairs with his son and his team of lawyers, and the rest of his entourage. And we hadn’t seen him until just about 7:00 where I can show you this video that I just got of him in the lobby coming down the elevator to go to dinner with many in his team at the restaurant in the Doral Resort.

His son Eric had gone in there about a half an hour before with a bunch of individuals. He was obviously meeting him. And there were a lot of people outside the restaurant, many of whom were fans, they were shouting to him, Mr. President, Mr. President, we’re with you, we stand by you, we love you, how do you feel about tomorrow? He did some thumbs-up action with the rest of them.

Then he stopped. Some people said can we take some pictures with you. And he actually paused and took some pictures with some people, listened to what they did for a living. And then he went on his way to the back room of the restaurant where he was going to dine with his family with his son Eric and the rest of his team.

But it was interesting just to see he seemed to be in good spirits. Earlier in the day he seemed a bit somber, said to everybody how are you doing, but was much quieter. And this time around he was cheery and taking pictures and had a very confident air about him on the eve of what is going to be a very, very critical day for Mr. Trump — Erin.

BURNETT: Certainly is, it certainly is. Thank you very much, Randi.

CNN promoted the video all night on Monday, and Tuesday morning as well.

Watch above via CNN’s OutFront.

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