WATCH: Jim Acosta’s Report on Trump Farewell Comically Drowned Out By Laura Branigan’s ‘Gloria’


CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta has faced attacks and even an attempted banishment by the Trump administration, and on the final day of Donald Trump’s presidency, he faced one final indignity.

On Wednesday morning, Wolf Blitzer tossed to Acosta for a live report from the site of Trump’s farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, which Acosta delivered via telephone. But it became immediately and comically clear that Acosta’s cellphone was no match for the powerful pipes of the late Laura Branigan, whose iconic recording of “Gloria” almost completely drowned Acosta out as he described Trump’s approach to the airfield in his final trip aboard Marine One.

Blitzer and co-anchor John King stuck with Acosta for a good long time, as most of the intrepid reporter’s discernible commentary was about the music that was drowning him out.

Eventually, Blitzer interrupted to say “Stand by. Hard to hear you. They’re playing ‘Gloria’ over there. It’s a little loud,” and observing that the scene was like a “campaign rally.”

Neither mentioned the disturbing fact that the song was also played at the rally at which Trump incited the mob that then marched to the Capitol and staged a deadly insurrection. Following the attack, the late singer’s manager issued a statement condemning the use of the song.

Watch above via CNN.

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