WATCH: Pelosi Lays Out Rules After Republican Mask Revolt — Which Remain in Effect Until All Members Are ‘Fully Vaccinated’


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took several minutes to lay out the rules after a gaggle of Republican members staged a protest by refusing to wear masks as required.

On Wednesday morning, Speaker Pelosi kicked off the House’s “Morning Hour” speech period personally, a duty which is normally carried out by a designated acting speaker. She used the opportunity to deliver some pointed reminders:

The chair wishes to remind all members about certain standards of decorum in the Hall of the House.

Members are reminded that the announced policies of January 4th 2021, as updated on May 11th, remain in effect with respect to the wearing of masks. The chair will reiterate that members and staff are currently required to wear masks at all times in the Hall of the House except when a member has been recognized by the chair or when a member acting as chair is speaking.

The chair reminds members that the House is following the guidance of the attending physician, who has stated that the present mask requirements and other guidelines remain unchanged in the Hall of the House until all members and the floor staff are fully vaccinated. That is the advisory of the attending physician.

The chair also informs members that the attending physician guidance is consistent with the Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Members are further reminded that under House Resolution 38, the Sergeant at Arms is authorized and directed to impose a fine against any member acting in violation of these policies.

The chair expects members to conduct themselves in appropriate decorum in the House chamber at all times. That includes proper attire, behavior that is respectful of other members, and of our staff, and adherence to mask requirements and other safety protocols intended to protect all of those present in the Hall of the House. To follow these basic standards of practice is to facilitate an atmosphere of respect for one another, and for the institution and our staff.

The chair appreciates the attention of the members to these matters.

Pelosi’s remarks come the day after nearly a dozen Republican members — most of whom got off with a warningviolated the mask mandate in protest.

The three members who were fined for Tuesday’s violations — Reps. Brian MastMariannette Miller-Meeks, and Beth Van Duyne — face fines of $2,500 each if they violate the rules again. Those who were issued a warning — Reps. Lauren BoebertMarjorie Taylor GreeneLouie GohmertThomas MassieChip RoyBob Good, and Mary Miller — would be fined $500.00 apiece if they commit a second offense.

Watch above via C-Span.

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