WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Tells Ed Henry that Joe Biden Has ‘Confessed’ to Committing ‘The Crime of Bribery’


With his name all over the Ukraine scandal, Donald Trump‘s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has naturally been in the news a lot this week. On Saturday, he spoke with Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry, and repeated a charge he made in a phone interview to Eric Bolling earlier this week that former Vice President Joe Biden committed bribery. And he claimed Biden has “confessed” to it.

“This case has been real simple from the day that Joe Biden confessed to committing bribery, back in January of 2018, and the Council on Foreign Relations didn’t note anything about it, although he said precisely what was attributed to President Trump a year and a half later that caused all sorts of—,” said Giuliani. “Basically, they’ll prove that he committed bribery.”

“The crime of bribery is offering something of value to a public official for official action. Okay?” he continued. “Here is what Joe Biden says he did. He offered him a one billion dollar loan guarantee, he threatened him with a one billion dollar loan guarantee, and in return for that, so that’s part one of bribery. Part two is, he got the president of the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor.”

Giuliani then repeated that the Council on Foreign Relations didn’t see a problem with that. He said that nevertheless, a year later, when the “false charge was put out” about Trump and President Zelensky, everyone objected in newspapers and called for impeachment.

“It’s the same thing, Ed,” said Giuliani. “Except for the double standard that we have, that’s corrupting us.”

He did not seem to notice that by calling it “the same thing” he’s agreeing that it’s bribery when and if Trump does it, too.

Henry responded that Biden says it wasn’t bribery, and that the fired prosecutor was not investigating that case. He played a clip of Biden responding to the news that Sen. Lindsey Graham is opening an investigation, in which Biden said that Graham “is about to go down in a way I think he’s going to regret his whole life.”

“Sounds like a poor imitation of ‘The Godfather’,” said Giuliani. “I mean this is the guy who sent out a decree that they should keep me off television. Every other week he wants to get into a fist fight with the president. When he’s asked about all of these conflicts and all this money made by his family selling his office, he says ‘I don’t know my family’s business.’ He says is so often, he’s starting to sound like Kay Corleone in ‘The Godfather’.”

Ed Henry began to add more of what Biden has to say about it, and Giuliani interrupted to say, “I don’t care what he said, he’s lying! He’s been lying all his life. The guy has been a corrupt politician since the brother got phony loans when he was in the Senate. Every place Joe Biden was a point man, appointed by Obama, the Biden family came away with millions.”

The lengthy interview continued, producing quite a few quotable moments.

Toward the end, he again used the line he has used before, that if Trump throws him under the bus he has “insurance.”

As happened the first time he made the remark, resistance Twitter jumped on this as a reference to having dirt on Trump he could use to protect himself, though he says it’s just a joke about medical insurance.

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