WATCH: St. Louis Couple Emerge From Mansion Brandishing Weapons to BLM Protestors


Mark and Patricia McClosky brandish guns at Black Lives Matter protesters - featured image via screenshot

Video of a couple brandishing firearms at nearby Black Lives Matter protestors outside their St. Louis mansion has gone viral. The protestors appear to have entered a gated and private street which led to the couple to emerge from their house and seemingly point their guns at protestors outside their home.

Video of the moment was shared by Daniel Shular and shared widely:

The two individuals are personal injury attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who work as personal injury trial lawyers, and emerged from their house armed to prevent protesters from walking onto their property in the Forest Park area of St. Louis on Sunday evening.

The specific circumstances of the protestors are not yet clear, but some have reported that further context shows that the protesters were trespassing on a private street when the St. Louis couple pulled out their guns to defend their home. Nonetheless, the video has generated a lot of reaction on Twitter. To wit:


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