3-Year-Old Shoots Father, Pregnant Mother in Motel Room

A 3-year-old accidentally shot his father and pregnant mother in a New Mexico motel room — and narrowly missed the mother’s 2-year-old daughter sitting next to her. According to police, the toddler was reaching for an iPod in his mother’s purse, but instead grabbed a loaded handgun and shot it once. The bullet hit his father in the butt, then hit his 8-months-pregnant mother in the shoulder.

“It was like if I was to get up shake your hand and sat back down — that’s how fast it happened,” Justin Reynolds told KOB. “All of a sudden we heard a gun go off and the next minute I realized my girlfriend was bleeding. Then I sat down and realized I was shot too.”

Reynolds immediately called 911 and used towels to stop his girlfriend Monique Villescas from bleeding. Reynolds was released from the hospital, while Villescas is still in stable condition. Both parents are expected to survive, and the two children are in state custody. Reynolds and Villescas could face charges of felony criminal negligence.

Watch the report below, via KOB:

Watch the report from HLN below:

[Image via KOB / screengrab]

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