55 Gallons of Lube and Other Reasons Amazon Prime Day Has Everyone Upset


For the past few days, Amazon and Walmart have competed with each other to see who can lower their prices more before the online giant’s “Prime Day” discount bonanza.

Amazon has repeatedly proped up the event as the new “Black Friday”, and saw an initial sales burst for items like video games, TVs, and other electronics and common household items that most shoppers look for for their lightning deals.

Later however, online shoppers took to Twitter to vent their outrage. Not only has Amazon already sold out of certain items that were being marketed for their all-day availability, but shoppers noticed that there were certain items on sale that are, shall we say, not on anyone’s conventional shopping list.

You’ve been warned, don’t look at the “people who viewed this item, also viewed these” section.

*Slowly and awkwardly raises hand*

Well, hope’s springs eternal.

Again, don’t look if you value your sanity.

And a terrible time it was.

I believe eBay was first recognized as the world’s online garage sale, but the sentiment is real nonetheless.

Well, maybe there’s some glue on sale and they can all be combined into some sort of avant-garde art project.

There’s enough Tranformers jokes for everybody.

Words of wisdom.

You poor thing. May a flight of angels sing thee to Walmart (or any store, really, that sells what people might want).

You never know. People who buy it today could wake up tomorrow and decide “I’m going to go to culinary school.”

That’s true, except the shoehorn looks like it’s for people with Michael Phelps’ foot size (he’s a 14).

One of the great mysteries of life.

[h/t Washington Post]
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