ABC News Joins Forces With The View to Explain How Bannon’s NSC Ouster Relates to Missile Strikes


ABC News’s Brian Ross joined The View today to talk about Donald Trump‘s decision to launch missiles at Syria last night.

There was the usual discussion of Russia and some talk about how much support Trump is getting, but the real noteworthy segment came when the topic of Steve Bannon arose.

Bannon, you’ll recall, was just removed from the National Security Council on April 5. (Note that there was a massive outcry against him being on it in the first place.) Sara Haines brought up that ouster, asking, “Do you think that the timing of this is a coincidence?”

Ross, ABC’s Chief Investigative Correspondent, responded, “It doesn’t look like it in terms of just putting together the timing. He was kicked off the National Security Council. He reportedly threatened to quit because of that. He’s denied that but obviously something is going on in the Trump inner circle between Steve Bannon and the son-in-law, Jared Kushner. They seem to be very much at odds … He would not have [backed the choice to launch missiles.] He uses the word ‘globalist’ as if it’s a profane word. It could not be more disparaging to call somebody a globalist, which is what he calls Jared Kushner. He thinks it should be America first.”

So, the administration member with the greatest opposition to involvement in other countries was removed from the NSC and the next day, we launched missiles at Syria.

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