Brian Ross

Brian Ross Returns to Television With George Papadopoulos Scoop

Brian Ross Joins Law & Crime as Chief Investigative Reporter

BREAKING: Brian Ross Out at ABC News Months After Botching Flynn Report

Trump Tweets on Brian Ross Returning to ABC News: ‘Should Have Been Fired’

ABC News’ Brian Ross Returns From Suspension, Will Now Work on ‘Long-Term Projects’

Trump Slams CNN for Botched Reporting: ‘Oh, Thank You CNN! Thank You So Much!’

Hannity Blasts ABC News For Erroneous Flynn Report: ‘Journalism in America Is Dead’

ABC News Chief Reportedly Expressed ‘Rage and Disappointment’ to Staff Over Brian Ross Screwup

Kellyanne Conway: If ABC News’ Brian Ross Worked for Me, He’d Be Fired

CNN Panel Rips ABC News Over Botched Report: ‘Handing a Sword’ to People Who Cry ‘Fake News’

Trump Suggests People Should Sue ABC News for Damages Over Brian Ross Report

ABC News Suspends Brian Ross for Erroneous Michael Flynn Report

The RNC Calls On ABC News to ‘Fully Retract and Apologize’ for False Flynn Report

ABC and Brian Ross Handed Trump a Huge ‘Win’ With Their Botched Report

ABC News Slammed for Flynn Report Correction: ‘Huge Effing Difference’

ABC News Issues On-Air Clarification to Trump-Flynn Russian Outreach Report

ABC News Joins Forces With The View to Explain How Bannon’s NSC Ouster Relates to Missile Strikes

ABC News’ Brian Ross Reportedly Hits Jaywalker

Press Finds LAX Shooter’s ‘Anti-Government Views’ Less Threatening the Monday After

The Billy Goat Of Politics: IRS The Latest To Target A Faceless, Leaderless Tea Party

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