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Activist Organization ‘Faithful America’ Is Petitioning To Take Tony Perkins Off MSNBC

Faithful America — an activist organization that seeks to address “pressing moral issues of our time” — is petitioning MSNBC to take Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, off the air. Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson personally delivered a petition with 20,000 signatures to the cable news network.

The petition states: “The Family Research Council is a hate group, and journalists ought to treat it as such. MSNBC must stop inviting Family Research Council spokespeople on the air to represent the views of Christians and other people of faith.”

FRC, according to their website, aims to “advance faith, family and freedom in public policy and public opinion.” The Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a hate group and, since then, Faithful America states Perkins has been on MSNBC more often than any other network. The petition cites them as a group that “accuses gays and lesbians of child molestation.”

Bishop Robinson, standing outside 30 Rockfeller to deliver to the petition, stated:

We’ve got teenagers killing themselves because of what groups like this are saying. We want you to hear that we would like for other Christian voices to be consulted, even conservative Christian voices, but just not those associated with what is clearly a hate group, because it’s killing us, and it’s killing our kids.

To prove their point, Faithful America put together a video highlighting Perkins’ numerous appearances on MSNBC — including a clip of Chris Matthews referring to Perkins as “old pal.”

Watch below:

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