Trump Says Religious Right Activist to Blame For ‘Two Corinthians’ Flub


Donald Trump can always be counted on to acknowledge his mistakes, which is why he’s blaming his Bible illiteracy on a luminary of the Religious Right.

The GOP candidate didn’t do any favors for his already suspect evangelical credentials when he invoked “Two Corinthians” at a Liberty University rally, inspiring dubious laughter from the conservative Christian crowd.

Speaking to Don Lemon on CNN Wednesday night, Donald Trump explained away the gaffe by pinning it on the evangelical activist Tony Perkins.

Tony Perkins wrote that out for me. He knew I was going to Liberty, and he has a great respect for Liberty, and he is a very, very good guy. And he wrote out the number “Two” Corinthians, which I could show you very nicely, if you like.

The Second Epistle to the Corinthians (or Second Corinthians) is usually expressed in writing in most editions of the Bible as “2 Corinthians,” though it’s unlikely that someone who calls the Bible his “favorite book” would ever actually pronounce it that way. Trump has had a difficult time proving his Christian bonafides: He has failed to quote specific passages from the Bible or even show up regularly to church services. Regardless, he has insisted he has a “great relationship with God,” and has compared himself to that titan of American evangelism, Billy Graham.

Perkins is the current president of the anti-LGBT advocacy group, the Family Research Council (FRC), which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group. Under Perkins’s leadership, one of the FRC’s primary mandates has been combatting the “totalitarian homosexual lobby” by linking gay men to pedophilia, and marriage equality to the wholesale persecution of Christians.

The Donald told Lemon that he had no hard feelings for Perkins, who he said “is somebody I respect a lot and like a lot.”

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