Actress Quietly Blended ‘F*ck Paul Ryan’ Pin Into Pattern Of Her Golden Globes Dress

Lola Kirke is primarily known for her role in Mozart in the Jungle, but now she might be known for something else.

Here is how she looked at the Golden Globes on Sunday:

A photo posted by Lola Kirke (@lolakirke) on

Notice anything?

Look close…

She placed a pin that matched the color scheme of her floral dress right in a cluster of flowers, making it almost undetectable if not for the words scrawled across it: “Fuck Paul Ryan.”

The Speaker of the House made it known a few days ago that gutting Obamacare would result in Planned Parenthood losing funding, which infuriated a lot of people. She posted a call for her Instagram followers to reach out to him and show support for the women’s health organization a few days ago, but sent a more succinct message on the red carpet.

Hers was just one of the bold political statements made that evening, but it was one of the most unique.

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