Alex Jones Claims Trump Keeps Calling Him During His ‘Executive Time’


Alex Jones, that bastion of calm and restraint, took to the airwaves to assure his viewers and listeners that he is the go-to guy for any and all information about our nation’s intelligence network, all the while hyping up his close relationship with President Donald Trump, as part of his ongoing attempt to to hawk energy supplements and apocalypse kits.

“I talk to the CIA, FBI connections, Army intelligence connections, former technical head of the NSA, and a bunch of other people that talk to the president,” he said. “I’m gonna leave it at that.”

Did he leave it at that? Nope! He went on to say that he, in fact, talks to the president, these conversations being hampered by the fact that Trump simply calls too early in the morning.

“I talk to the president. Haven’t talked to him in months,” he said. “I’ve missed his call. Media wants a story. There it is. I’ve missed the president’s call three times in the last few months.”

Jones went on to say that he simply has to “get up early in the morning because that’s when the calls come in, in his executive time.”

The conspiracy theorist, and guy who once said Brian Stelter drinks the blood of children, even suggested that if Chief of Staff John Kelly were to find out that Trump has made repeated calls to Jones he would, and we quote, “spank him.”

In other news, if you spend a lot of money on his web store, Jones awards you with “Patriot Points” which, in turn, allow you to receive “Patriot Perks.” What a world.

Watch above, via Media Matters.

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