Ali Velshi Takes Flamethrower to Trump Tax Plan: ‘Dude, Nuh-uh…This Is Just Nonsense’

Ali Velshi is not a fan of President Donald Trump‘s tax reform proposal.

Really, we cannot stress that enough. Velshi absolutely hates the plan. Hates it quite a lot.

Thursday afternoon on MSNBC, the senior economic and business correspondent took five minutes from his program to shred the proposal — beginning with a comment Trump made Wednesday on Hannity, in which he suggested that gains in the stock market are reducing the national debt.

“Dude, nuh-uh,” Velshi said. “That’s not how it works. That is an erroneous claim by the President of the United States. For facts’ sake, increases in the stock market have absolutely no connection to the debt!”

Velshi went on to dispute a claim by Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn that a reduction in the corporate tax rate would eventually end up in the pockets of workers.

“Dude, nuh-uh,” Velshi said again. “That’s not how it works. I would love somebody, anybody out there watching me to tweet me @alivelshi, and tell me one company that saves government money and writes a check to employees.

“What happens, they give it to shareholders as dividends. End of story. This is just nonsense that the White House is making up here. Nonsense.”

The MSNBC anchor simply could not contain his frustration with Trump’s plan.

“This really is, in my 25 years in the business, a new high in the level of nonsense that I actually have to deal with.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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