Another Dimension: Here’s the Full Twilight Zone Schedule For Syfy’s Annual New Year’s Marathon

screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-9-28-40-amAs we told you the other day, this year’s annual New Year’s marathon of the beloved TV classic The Twilight Zone will include a fan-voting component to choose what airs during primetime on Sunday. Syfy will give users on Twitter a 15-minute window to vote between a number of yet-to-be-determined episodes to compete for a three-hour block, encouraging a social media component to the legendary marathon as we ring in 2017.

But Syfy has also announced what the full schedule of episode’s will be for the marathon, which will be the 22nd such annual tradition for the Rod Serling classic. All told, 128 episodes will air during the marathon on Syfy, beginning on Saturday December 31st at 6 a.m. with the 1983 film “Twilight Zone — The Movie,” from John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, and George Miller. Then, the traditional episodes will begin airing at 8 a.m. and continue nonstop until the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 3rd.

All times listed in EST:

Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016
6am: Twilight Zone: The Movie
8am: One for the Angels
8:30am: Mr. Denton on Doomsday
9am: The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
9:30am: Escape Clause
10am: Perchance to Dream
10:30am: Judgment Night
11am: What You Need
11:30am: The Four of Us Are Dying
12pm: Mirror Image
12:30pm: Execution
1pm: The Big Tall Wish
1:30pm: A Nice Place to Visit
2pm: The Chaser
2:30pm: A Passage for Trumpet
3pm: Mr. Bevis
3:30pm: The Mighty Casey
4pm: A World of His Own
4:30pm: King Nine Will Not Return
5pm: The Obsolete Man
5:30pm: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
6pm: Night Call
6:30pm: The Encounter
7pm: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
7:30pm: A Game of Pool
8pm: Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
8:30pm: Where Is Everybody?
9pm: The Hitch-Hiker
9:30pm: The After Hours
10pm: Long-Distance Call
10:30pm: A Penny For Your Thoughts
11pm: A World of Difference
11:30pm: Little Girl Lost

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017
12am: The Long Morrow
12:30am: And When the Sky Was Opened
1am: The Man in the Bottle
1:30am: Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
2am: A Thing About Machines
2:30am: The Howling Man
3am: Mute
4am: Jess-Belle
5am: Death Ship
6am: The Lateness of the Hour
6:30am: The Trouble With Templeton
7am: A Most Unusual Camera
7:30am: Dust
8am: Back There
8:30am: The Whole Truth
9am: Mr. Dingle, the Strong
9:30am: Static
10am: The Prime Mover
10:30am: A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
11am: The Rip Van Winkle Caper
11:30am: Shadow Play
12pm: The Mind and the Matter
12:30pm: Two
1pm: The Arrival
1:30pm: The Passersby
2pm: The Mirror
2:30pm: The Grave
3pm: Death’s Head Revisited
3:30pm: The Midnight Sun
4pm: Still Valley
4:30pm: Once Upon a Time
5pm: The Old Man in the Cave
5:30pm: The Odyssey of Flight 33
6pm: I Shot an Arrow into the Air
6:30pm: Person or Persons Unknown
7pm: The Bewitchin’ Pool
7:30pm: The Dummy
11pm: Nick of Time
11:30pm: Nothing in the Dark

Monday, Jan. 2, 2017
12am: A Stop at Willoughby
12:30am: The Shelter
1am: Miniature
2am: The Jungle
2:30am: A Quality of Mercy
3am: Valley of the ShadowZ
4am: He’s Alive
5am: Printer’s Devil
6am: One More Pallbearer
6:30am: Dead Man’s Shoes
7am: The Hunt
7:30am: Showdown With Rance McGrew
8am: Kick the Can
8:30am: A Piano in the House
9am: The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
9:30am: The Fugitive
10am: The Gift
10:30am: The Little People
11am: Four O’Clock
11:30am: The Trade-Ins
12pm: I Sing the Body Electric
12:30pm: The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross
1pm: Black Leather Jackets
1:30pm: From Agnes, With Love
2pm: Spur of the Moment
2:30pm: Stopover in a Quiet Town
3pm: Queen of the Nile
3:30pm: What’s in the Box?
4pm: I Am the Night — Color Me Black
4:30pm: Sounds and Silence
5pm: Caesar and Me
5:30pm: The Jeopardy Room
6pm: Nightmare as a Child
6:30pm: Ring-a-Ding Girl
7pm: Third From the Sun
7:30pm: The Silence
8pm: TBD
8:30pm: TBD
9pm: TBD
9:30pm: TBD
10pm: TBD
10:30pm: TBD
11pm: The Lonely
11:30pm: People Are Alike All Over

Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017
12am: The Fever
12:30am: In Praise of Pip
1am: The Thirty-Fathom Grave
2am: Mr. Garrity and the Grave
2:30am: The Brain Center at Whipple’s
3am: Come Wander With Me
3:30am: The Fear

While I appreciate that it seems Syfy is opting for some lesser known episodes to include in this weekend’s marathon, there are some notable episodes left off this list. No Monsters Are Due on Maple Street? Or Eye of the Beholder? To Serve Man, Time Enough at Last, and Five Characters in Search of An Exit are all also missing from the list. This seems to be a pretty intentional move to leave these off the schedule, given how popular they are among fifth dimension diehards. Guess we’ll just have to binge on all the others and remind ourselves how well they stack up.

Then again, will they all be the fan vote eps? Enjoy your journey into a wondrous land of imagination, Mediaite loyalists…

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