Anthony Weiner Began New Sexting Affair After ‘Sydney Leathers’ Berated Him On Facebook For Old Affairs

According to the New York Times, the newest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal not only occurred after his 2011 apology and resignation, but possibly as a consequence of it.

The Times reports that Weiner became involved in an online relationship with a woman calling herself “Sydney Leathers” after Leathers contacted him on Facebook to “express her disappointment” in his behavior.

“Mr. Weiner responded and, within a week, their exchanges veered from politics to sex, with the pair trading dozens of explicit photographs,” according to Nik Richie, whose site The Dirty broke the story when they published screencaps of Weiner’s illicit tweets and pics on Tuesday afternoon.

Leathers, who has been linked to the scandal by Buzzfeed, has been described as a twenty-two year old Democratic staffer from Indiana.

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Weiner has come under fire not just for his actions but for their timing. When the former congressman apologized in June of 2011, he vowed to put his online sexting behind him, but his relationship with Leathers began well after that. It also started just before a wholesome spread appeared in People, in which Weiner presented himself as a reformed family man.

But the Times wrote on Wednesday that far from an alteration in his behavior, the new scandal reveals a continuation of it.

“That account suggests that Mr. Weiner’s interactions with the woman, a partisan Democrat from Indiana who thought of him as a hero, fit his longstanding pattern,” the Times wrote. “In rapid and reckless fashion, he sought to transform informal conversations with female fans into graphically sexually exchanges, frequently laced with lewd language and bawdy images, the women have said in interviews.”

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[h/t New York Times]

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