Anti-Trump Protestor Clashes With Piers Morgan in Wild Segment: ‘I’m a Communist Ya Idiot!’


A debate on a British morning show Thursday ahead of President Donald Trump‘s visit to the U.K. absolutely melted down.

ITV’s Good Morning Britain, on Thursday, featured a clash between host Piers Morgan, and Ash Sarkar — representing a group called the “Stop Trump Coalition.” Morgan — who appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice and previously scored a rare one-on-one interview with the president — pressed Sarkar on why she’s protesting Trump when she didn’t protest former President Barack Obama.

“Did you find Obama deporting three million people unconscionable?” Morgan asked.

“Yes!” Sarkar replied.

“Where was your protest march against that?” Morgan asked.

Sarkar tried to answer, but Morgan steamrolled her.

“I’d go check out some basic facts about your hero Obama,” the host said.

And that was when the segment went off the rails.

“He’s not my hero!” Sarkar said. “I’m a communist, ya idiot!”

Morgan’s co-host, Susanna Reid burst out in laughter.

“Jesus!” Sarkar said.

The Trump protest organizer went on to blast Morgan for, in her view, going too soft on Trump when he had the chance to interview him face-to-face.

“Have you ever considered [not] straw-manning your guests, Piers, to make up for your incompetence as a journalist?” Sarkar said. “You didn’t hold Trump adequately to account when you interviewed him.”

“Yes I did!” Morgan shot back. “I held Trump to account on a number of issues.”

“It’s embarrassing!” Sarkar said of Morgan’s interview.

Watch this trainwreck segment above, via ITV.

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