AP Poll Finds More Americans Believe Obama Is Jewish Than Muslim

According to a new Associated Press survey, more Americans believe President Barack Obama is Jewish than believe that the president is a Muslim; while a plurality of the surveyed individuals believe he has “no religion.”

The survey, conducted using 1,071 random adults during the first week of September, asked, “Do you happen to know the religion of [Barack Obama]?”

The results were as follows:

Protestant — 28%
Catholic — 5%
Mormon — 0%
Jewish — 18%
Muslim — 10%
Other religion — 2%
No religion — 35%
Don’t know — 2%
Refused/Not Answered — 28%

Interestingly, the percentage of Americans who believe Obama is Jewish up from 0% in 2010, while the 10% of those who believe Obama to be of the Muslim faith is down from 17% two years ago.

Another noticeable shift in opinion is in those who believe the president has “no religion.” In 2010, only 2% of the surveyed said that he is areligious, while this year a plurality of 35% answered as such.

Despite the president repeatedly self-identifying as a Christian, only 33% of the surveyed Americans answered that Obama is any form of a Christian.

The same survey also found that 39% of Americans believe President Obama was born in another country.

By asking “Where was Barack Obama born, as far as you know?” the Associate Press found that 49% believe Obama is an America-born citizen, 39% believe he is foreign-born, and 12% refused/declined to answer.

Full survey results here.

[h/t Chris Moody, Yahoo! News]
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