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AP Scoop: Republican’s August Convention In Florida Could Be Hit By A Hurricane

The Associated Press has uncovered a vital and troubling report: late summer in Florida is Hurricane season. Shockingly, the Republican party’s presidential nominating convention is taking place in Tampa in the last week of August. Is there still time for the Republican National Committee to panic? Probably not, but they should anyway.

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AP’s 350 word story on the annual hurricane season in Florida actually suggests that the RNC had not done their homework on the falling barometric pressure in late summer.

“Rescheduling a national political convention could be difficult heading into Labor Day weekend,” writes AP.

… Again, a Pulitzer-worthy report. The AP does not cite how difficult the logistics of relocating a conventions between now and late summer would be – weather considerations notwithstanding.

If any convention was in dire need of a change of venue, it would be that of the Democratic party. Their convention is booked in the much reviled state of North Carolina, in the hated Bank of America Stadium. Their local party is embroiled in an ongoing sex scandal and their first-term Democratic governor has declined to run again noting that her poll numbers preclude her reelection. Oh, yeah, and they’re also smack-dab in the middle of hurricane alley. No admonition from the AP for that one, though.

The AP notes that in recent history, the most devastating storms hit Florida around the last week of August:

Two of the most damaging hurricanes to hit the U.S. reached Florida in late August. Hurricane Katrina made landfall north of Miami on Aug. 25, 2005 while Hurricane Andrew came ashore with 145 mph winds just south of Miami on Aug. 24, 1992.

I’m sure the AP is not suggesting that a hurricane will hit the GOP convention or inviting a little fantasy schadenfreude around that scenario, because that would be just beyond the pale. It would be like a Republican-leaning news source in the middle of the 2000 election cycle warning coyly that earthquakes are known to occur in Southern California and it would be a tragic shame if the Staples Center had to be abandoned in the wake of such a disaster. Of course, the AP is not engaging in such an appalling flight of fancy.

Nope. This is just a helpful and really long-range weather forecast. Take note, Republicans. Florida is rainy. Wear your slickers in August.

h/t AP

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