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Trump Slams AP’s ‘Fake News’ Headline After Fox & Friends Calls it ‘Misleading,’ ‘Inaccurate’

GOP Lawmaker Tweets Out Reporter’s Number After Questioning on Membership in Racist Facebook Group

Associated Press Issues Correction After Howard Kurtz Calls Out ‘Dishonest Piece’

CNN’s Stelter Defends Fox News Rival Howard Kurtz Over ‘Incomplete’ AP Report

Howard Kurtz Torches the Associated Press For ‘Dishonest Piece’ on Fox News Graphic

Facebook and the AP Team Up to ‘Debunk Election Misinformation’ for the Midterms

The AP Reports White Nationalist ‘Appears to Have Lied’ to Them About FL Shooter Being Group Member

White Supremacist Leader Posted ‘Lone Wolf Activist’ Strategy, Was Spotted With Shooting Suspect

Shaun White Apologizes For Dismissing Sexual Misconduct Allegations as ‘Gossip’ (UPDATED)

WATCH: Cow Escapes Church Nativity Scene and Makes a Run For the Interstate

FBI Reportedly Didn’t Alert Dozens of US Officials They Were Targets of Russian Hacks

Is NY Times Columnist Paul Krugman Taking a Shot at His Own Paper’s Recent Trump Analysis?

Jeffrey Lord Speaks Out on Firing: ‘CNN Caved on the First Amendment’

Associated Press Calls Trump ‘the Ultimate Dealmaker’

AP Fact Check After Trump’s London Tweets: He ‘Can’t Be Counted On to Give Accurate Information’

President Trump Breaks Campaign Promise, Will Keep Israel Embassy in Tel Aviv (UPDATED)

AP: Trump Has Been Telling World Leaders to Call Him Directly on His Cell Phone

‘If He Gases His Own People’: The AP Asked Trump Voters What it Would Take For Them to Bail

Senior European Official Says His Country May Stop Intel Sharing: ‘Could Be a Risk For Our Sources’

The Name Caitlyn Plummeted in Popularity More Than Any Other Name Last Year

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