‘Are You Really Serving the President?’: Tapper Slams Trump Advisors for Enabling His Conspiracy Theories

This afternoon, CNN host Jake Tapper offered up some pointed commentary about President Donald Trump’s latest unproven claim that former President Barack Obama was wiretapping his phones before the election and Trump’s habit of embracing conspiracies from conservative media.

After highlighting that Trump’s latest allegation appears to come from a segment on conservative radio host Mark Levin’s show, the CNN anchor pointed out that the president took what Levin was saying and “made it even less tethered to fact.”

“With conjecture and venom, they alleged a conspiracy,” Tapper exclaimed. “He took it one step further and said it happened and President Obama was behind it.” He further noted that FBI director James Comey is reportedly “incredulous” over Trump’s tweets.

Following the rundown of a number of other conspiracy theories Trump has spread in the past, Tapper took aim at POTUS’s advisors and allies who appear to be enabling him with this activity.

“The people around President Trump who are enabling this nonsense, the ones who know better, ask yourselves this question,” he said. ” Are you really serving the president? Are you really serving the American people?”

Watch the segment above, via CNN.

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