Baby Falls Out of Moving Car Into the Road in Dashcam Video

A Russian dashcam caught the moment a baby fell out of a moving vehicle.

From jet plane crashes to meteorites-that-might-be-missiles, Russian dashcam footage is the place to be when it comes to viral videos. Hence why the most shocking thing about the clip below is that the infant appears to be in good health.

Sure, the little tike takes a spill from a moving vehicle, but (a) the car wasn’t driving very fast and (b) the kid was wearing extra padding due to the colder weather currently being experienced in the country. If anything, it seems like the little guy or girl had fun while flying out of his guardian’s SUV.

No, seriously. What kid would wave to a concerned adult after tumbling out of a moving car? This little girl or guy, obviously.

Check out the clip above, via Viral Hog on YouTube.

[h/t Daily Mail]
[Image via screengrab]

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