Boston-Area Cop Caught on Video Saying He’d ‘Blow a Hole’ Through Driver’s Head

Police Detective Stephen LeBert of Medford, Massachusetts has been placed on administrative leave for threatening to “blow a hole” through the head of a driver he pulled over on Sunday night.

Police Chief Leo Sacco told LeBert is “a 30-year member of the department and works in our detective division” and “a very effective police officer.” However, he noted the “incident that’s on video, at least that portion of the video that I saw, is troubling to say the least.”

The dashcam footage belongs to Mike, who posted the video to YouTube soon after the incident. He explains:

Driving home today I got lost and made a wrong turn. In an unfamiliar area I drove slowly but made the mistake of not seeing a poorly marked one way. I stopped midway through entering it when I realized I screwed up and fortunately there were no close calls or potential accidents. Only a single oncoming car (not the medford cop/detective in the video, he was on the other side) that had fully stopped before the road seeing my stupid mistake. After I stopped and realized it was too late I just continued out of the way and back onto the correct road in front of me. This man starts tailgating me and puts his high beams on in his Red Chevy Silverado pick up truck. He then yells how I’m an asshole and that he is going to hurt me, and well the rest is in the video.

The date is incorrect as my dashcam apparently was set wrong. I very rarely ever need to pull videos off of it over the period of time I’ve owned it and just didn’t notice the date mistake. The time however is right.

In the video, LeBert — who was apparently off-duty at the time — repeatedly threatens Mike, saying he’ll “put a hole right through your f*cking head.” When Mike tells the officer that he has a dashcam, and that it’s recording (which he has to do by Massachusetts state law), LeBert loses it:

MIKE: “Okay, I just wanna let you know I also have a dash camera.”

LEBERT: “So I’ll seize that. I’m gonna seize that camera when you almost hit that car head-on when you went through the rotary the wrong way.”

MIKE: “I didn’t see the rotary. Yeah I—I messed up.”

LEBERT: “I’m seizing your camera. Thanks a lot.”

Turns out, this isn’t the first time LeBert has gotten into trouble over being filmed. Soon after this story broke, a 2012 video of the detective confronting a man who was filming him while on duty.

Check out the original video below, courtesy of basedboston:

[h/t, Boston Globe]]
[Image via screengrab]

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