Beck on Why He Left Fox: ‘I Was Told to Stop Telling People to Pray’


Glenn Beck has been stumping all around for Ted Cruz lately and the rhetoric of all involved has taken a turn skyward, if you know what I mean. While introducing Beck at a rally last week, Tony Perkins got a little apocalyptic, and now, Beck is taking his turn to shower us with sound-bite blessings.

As evidenced in a video that was posted to Facebook by an attendee of the rally, Beck addressed the crowd about how his gig over at Fox News was too heavy of a cross to bear. Specifically, he could not abide by the commandment that he stop making reference to prayer.

Glenn Beck on why he really left Fox News…WOW.

Posted by Christopher Westfall on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beck noted, “I was told, ‘Stop telling people to pray.’ I was told not to tell people to pray on their knees because there’s a lot of people in the audience whose knees hurt and I make them feel bad.”

Further, the host’s former supervisors worried that his calls to prayer could distract the omnipresent Lord:

I was told, “Stop praying because that takes God’s focus off the important things like war.” I was just like, “Uh-huh. Wow. I thought I was gonna get this speech at CNN.”

When Beck said, “I was told [to] stop talking about God,” the audience audibly murmured. Fox News might have fallen from some of the attendees’ good graces in that moment, but they’ve heard his concerns about their lack of soul before and respond thusly in 2013:

Glenn Beck wasn’t trying to save his soul, he was trying to save his ass. Advertisers fled his show and even Glenn knows what that means in our industry. Yet, we still tried to give him a soft landing. Guess no good deed goes unpunished.

All of this fiery talk in South Carolina is no coincidence; Cruz and his team are counting on these evangelical voters to raise hell at the polls. Judging by the reaction of Beck’s congregation, they’re on track to do just that.

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