Belgium Teacher Has the Single Greatest Way of Getting Students to Behave in Class

Teachers sometimes have a hard time keeping their students in line, but one devilishly evil Belgium teacher has apparently come up with the absolute best way of dealing with rowdy children: threatening to spoil Game of Thrones for them.

That is the Red Wedding of school disciplines right there.

A student wrote about this awesome teacher of his online and the site Nieuwsblad picked up on it (the following text is taken from Google Translate).

When his disciples were chatting a whole lesson, the teacher asked who watched Game of Thrones. Nearly everyone raised his hand. “Well, I’ve read all the books,” the teacher replied. “If there is another too much noise, I write the name of the dead on the board. “They are there enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die.”

And when some of the students didn’t believe the threat, he proceeded to spoil their ears off. That shut ’em up real quick!

Forget caning, forget detention, forget any kind of other punishment kids get these days. Teachers across America, start threatening Game of Thrones, True Detective, and all the rest of it for anyone who mouths off in class. That’ll get you a class full of angels right away. (And hey, I think I just got a great idea for cleaning up the comments section…)

[h/t UPROXX]
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