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Ben Carson Shows His Outsider Chops in Strange New South Carolina Ad

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.43.34 PMIt has been suggested that the voters and likely caucus goers in the state of Iowa are connecting with Dr. Ben Carson’s personal story in a way that they can’t with other candidates. While the soft-spoken neurosurgeon has found himself surging in polls there for a variety of hypothesized reasons, it is a new campaign ad geared towards South Carolina that is making news this morning.

Greenville, S.C. will soon be treated to this video of Carson standing outside the box… literally. The 30 second ad features a flag pin-donned Carson arguing the case for himself as the ultimate “outsider”. 

Caron identified all of the areas that his establishment cohorts have fallen short, identifying the inability to balance the budget, secure the border, and refrain from risky partisan behavior. He then turns his attention and speaks to the inside of the box, commenting, “There must be a good idea in there somewhere.”

The Presidential candidate has already made a wave of headlines today, as he told The Hill that he would veto any attempt to raise the debt ceiling. The Carson campaign is hoping to continue on his recent polling successes in the state of State Carolina.

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