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Ben Quayle Wins AZ Primary: Welcome ‘Brock Landers’ To The Midterm Circus

Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle and one-time contributor to the Dirty Scottsdale website, won the GOP congressional primary in Arizona. And by won, we mean in a ten-person field he got 22% of the vote; such slim majority might suggest his win was primarily the result of name recognition helped along by online ad that unequivocally stated President Barack Obama was the “worst president in history.” But, regardless, he won. So what’s next.

Well in the immediate future, it appears Quayle may be facing down Brock Landers as much as any Dem candidate he’ll come up against. Brock Landers, for the uninitiated, is both a fictional character Mark Walhberg played in the movie within the movie Boogie Nights, as well as the name Quayle allegedly posted under on the Dirty Scottsdale site.

In the immediate aftermath of his win, Democratic opponent Jon Hulburd released this statement: “This election is now between Jon Hulburd and Brock Landers. It’s between a young man who fabricated a family, degraded women, and then tried to lie about it, and a small businessman and father of five who has been dedicated to his community.” One down and dirty political statement does not make a trend, however Google ‘Brock Landers
and you get the sense Quayle might be a while in shaking this. You can watch a very short safe-for-work clip of Brock Landers below. And it should probably be noted Quayle is favored to win in his district come November.

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