Berkeley Lecture Co-Sponsor: We Didn’t Abandon ‘Lying’ Ann Coulter


The president of the Young America’s Foundation, which was one of the co-sponsors of the now-cancelled Ann Coulter speech at Berkeley, struck back at the controversial author over her charge that his group and the student organizers abandoned her.

“I think she’s lying about the circumstances…she still could have gone to Berkeley. She’s just looking for the cover by…not attacking the university, but by attacking Young America’s Foundation and the students who stuck their necks out,” Rob Robinson said on the syndicated Mike Gallagher Show on Thursday.

Robinson later contended that “the idea that we’re a group that backs away is ludicrous to me.”

Host Mike Gallagher brought on the longtime conservative activist for his reaction to Coulter’s attacks on his organization on social media and on Fox News. The YAF president emphasized that his group is at the forefront of bringing conservative speakers to campus.

“This was about having access to the classrooms and lecture halls at Berkeley,” Robinson said. He pointed out that the lawsuit against university was continuing.

The YAF president continued by underlining that they “didn’t sign up for a brawl on the plaza,” as Coulter threatened to show up at Berkeley despite the initial cancellation on April 19, 2017.

Robinson also repeated what his organization’s Wednesday press release on the controversy outlined — that they were concerned with the safety of the students/attendees at the planned event, and the institution refused to ensure that.

“Ann Coulter was going to be secure….We cannot do that for students,” Robinson pointed out.

The guest pointed out that they had 12 other events planned on campuses nationwide, and they weren’t backing down from those.

“This is not about Ann Coulter. This is about students…[at] Berkeley who want to hear conservative ideas,” the YAF president stated.

Gallagher later asked Robinson, “Do you anticipate working with Ann again moving forward?”

“Not based on how she’s handled this and the lies she’s told about the foundation in the last couple of days,” Robinson replied.

The host lamented the spat: “I hate seeing conservatives turn on conservatives.”

You can listen to the full interview of Robinson above.

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