Bill Kristol: Republicans Should ‘Just Shut Up’ About Charlie Rangel

I’m not entirely sure this is the sort of support Charlie Rangel is ideally hoping for, but one imagines that after the President not-so-gently makes it clear he would like you to quietly exit stage left, this may be the best you can expect. On Fox News Sunday today Bill Kristol declared that the Republicans should leave Charlie Rangel alone.

I think Republicans would be foolish [to go on about Rangel]. They should just shut up. There’s a bipartisan effort, let the process go forward. They don’t need to jump on this. Believe me there are plenty of congressmen in both parties that have been imperial an arrogant….Demcrats are going to lose the house and suffer the loss of a lot of Senate seats because of their policies, just like Republicans did in ’05 and ’06. And I think the idea that Republicans should just go around throwing stones at Charlie Rangel is just foolish.

Meanwhile, on This Week, George Will speculated that the reason Rangel is getting so much more attention than the equally embattled Mark Ensign is because Rangel is more important. Sort of a double Catch-22. Watch Kristol’s segment below.

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