Boehner Clarifies Trump ‘Complete Disaster’ Remarks: The ‘Execution’ of His Agenda Is the Disaster


Last week, former Speaker of the House John Boehner caused a bit of an uproar over his comments at an energy conference, stating that President Donald Trump’s presidency has been a “complete disaster” so far. Those remarks led White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino to send out a critical tweet calling Boehner the real disaster.

Well, this morning, Boehner attempted to walk back his comments. However, his clarification still wasn’t all that complimentary of Trump and his time in the White House.

Appearing at the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers Employee Leadership Forum in Colorado this morning, Boehner wanted it to be known that the president was his friend and that he played golf with him, per video obtained by Politico. He then provided the following explanation of what he really meant:

“I want him and frankly I want the country to succeed. But I’ve seen some people write — I think they’ve gotten a little carried away in their interpretation of what I said. I did not say that the president’s policies were a disaster. I did not say that the president’s agenda was a disaster. What I was referring to was the execution of the president’s agenda and the president’s policies. And frankly I think there have been a number of missteps, unforced errors that the president has made and I think the White House would agree that they’ve had their share of mistakes as the president learns to be the president.”

So, yeah, Boehner doesn’t think Trump’s policies or the Republican agenda he’s trying to push are disasters. But, when it comes to the man himself and his ability to get it all executed, yep, that’s a disaster.

Seems to be just as brutal a takedown of Trump as his original comments were.

Watch the clip above, via Politico.

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