BREAKING: Theresa May Brexit Deal Defeated in Historic Drubbing


Perhaps not since Derby United took a monumental beating in the Premier League 2007-08 season — setting a record for lowest points ever — has the U.K. witnessed such a catastrophic defeat as the vote for Prime Minister Theresa May‘s Brexit deal on Tuesday.

May’s withdrawal deal went down in flames — losing by 230 votes after lawmakers voted by 432 to 202 to reject it — prompting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to table a vote of no confidence in the Conservative prime minister.

The proposal was roundly rejected by both supporters and opponents of Brexit. Before the vote, pro-Brexit Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg announced: “I’ll be voting against the withdrawal agreement because I don’t believe it delivers Brexit.”

Environment Secretary Michael Gove, meanwhile, urged parliament to join May in voting for her deal.

“I think if we don’t vote for the deal tonight, in the words of Jon Snow, ‘winter is coming,’” he said, referencing Game of Thrones. “I think if we don’t for vote the deal tonight, I think we will do damage to our democracy, by saying to people that we are not going to implement Brexit.”

They did not listen.

“This is a catastrophic defeat for this government,” Corbyn said after the vote. “After two years of failed negotiations, the House of Commons has delivered its verdict on her Brexit deal. And that verdict is absolutely decisive.”

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