comScore Morning Joe Airs Bizarre Footage of Jeremy Corbyn’s Awkward Boob Slap

Morning Joe Airs Bizarre Footage of Jeremy Corbyn’s Awkward Boob Slap

As the dust settles from the British elections last night, it seems increasingly clear that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was the contest’s big winner. His party picked up 31 seats, and broke Prime Minister Theresa May‘s narrow Conservative majority. The election results will force May to create a coalition government with one of the minor parties if she is to remain Prime Minister.

But it wasn’t a perfect day for the often awkward Corbyn. When the Labour leader tried to give a high five to leftist MP Emily Thornberry, she moved away and he ended up just slapping her breast. — It’s all on tape, and it’s as bad as it sounds.

The moment didn’t go unnoticed by someone in Morning Joe’s control room. Though not mentioned on-air during a very sober discussion of the election with BBC’s Katty Kay, it did get a very prominent airing with some very bizarre and incongruent B-roll.

While Kay calmly discussed May’s stiff demeanor, and a “dementia tax,” viewers were treated to a clip of Corbyn’s awkward boob slap. And it didn’t stop there. After playing the initial clip, Morning Joe played it again — zoomed in and in slow motion.

… And it didn’t stop there either. The camera zoomed again, bringing viewers uncomfortably close to Ms. Thornberry breasts, and replayed the moment twice more. Out of context, it looked more like sexual assault.

The video then abruptly went back to Kay talking about that dementia tax.

And that was that —It was weird.

Watch above.

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