Trump Legal Team Reportedly Preparing Answers to Written Questions From Mueller


President Donald Trump‘s legal team is reportedly preparing answers to written questions from special counsel Robert Mueller.

According to CNN, this move could signal that the Russia probe is winding down — at least as it relates to the president.

“This is a big moment,” said CNN reporter Evan Perez — who helped break the story along with colleagues Dana Bash and Gloria Borger. He added, “This is a moment obviously that’s been in the making for about ten months, almost ten months of negotiations between the special counsel’s office and the Trump legal team.”

The questions reportedly deal with the issue of whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to CNN. The network reports that Trump’s lawyers and the special counsel’s office are still negotiating as to whether the president or his representatives will answer questions related to obstruction of justice.

Perez noted that a face-to-face interview between Mueller and the president isn’t totally off the table, but is highly unlikely now.

“It is technically still possible that the president will sit down for an interview,” Perez said. “But that is almost certainly not going to happen. The president’s lawyers are all against it. They all believe that this take-home test — which is sort of like college-style version of things where you answer questions, his lawyers are actually going through the documents that they already provided to the special counsel so they make sure the answers match up — that’s best way to answer these questions. They believe that protects this president. If he sits down [with Mueller], they believe that would be a very bad course.”

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