comScore Kilmeade Challenges Sekulow: ‘You’re His Lawyer, Why Wouldn’t You Tell Him’ To Stay Off Twitter?

Kilmeade Challenges Sekulow: ‘You’re His Lawyer, Why Wouldn’t You Tell Him’ To Stay Off Twitter?

After a wild round of appearances on the Sunday news shows, Jay Sekulow — a newly-minted member of President Donald Trump‘s legal team — was out doing damage control Monday.

Sekulow chatted with the gang on Fox & Friends. And if he was expecting a cushy chat session, he didn’t quite get it.

Brian Kilmeade challenged Sekulow on his client’s Twitter habits.

“When the President’s furious and tweets, it seems to make your job harder,” Kilmeade said. He then asked, “Will he say I’m no longer talking about the Russia investigation?”

After bragging about Trump’s social media prowess, Sekulow said he didn’t plan to try to control his client’s Twitter usage.

“Look, I’m a lawyer,” Sekulow said. “I don’t tell him what to write or not write.”

Kilmeade pushed back.

“But why wouldn’t you, Jay?” Kilmeade said. “You’re his lawyer. You should be telling him. Every client should get legal advice when so much is on the line.”

Sekulow then launched into a defense of the Tweets.

“The President does utilize Twitter. He does utilize social media platforms. And, again, the situation on Friday that created the press coverage over the weekend was from a Washington Post story that had five anonymous sources,” Sekulow said. “So you can imagine, in one sense, if the President didn’t have the opportunity to respond. He should have the opportunity to respond.”

Give Sekulow credit for practicing what he preaches. He says not going to tell Trump to stay off Twitter. And by the same token, Jay Sekulow, apparently, has no intention of staying off television.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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