Bunga Bunga: Silvio Berlusconi Convicted, Sentenced To Seven Years On Prostitution, Corruption Charges

An Italian court convicted former Prime Ministier Silvio Berlusconi of abusing his office and paying prostitutes on Monday morning, sentencing him to seven years in jail and barring the resurgent politician from holding public office.

Berlusconi became embroiled in scandal stemming from his payment for prostitutes, especially at the now-infamous “bunga bunga” parties, and use of his office to cover his tracks.

The controversial plutocrat already spent four years in prison for tax fraud earlier in the decade. Yet he has orchestrated a surprising comeback in the past year, brokering a coalition with current Prime Minister Enrico Letta to reintroduce himself to power.

Whether the court’s prohibition from political participation will disrupt these plans remains to be seen: the appeals process could take years, and many speculate that Berlusconi will never actually step foot inside a jail cell, either from legal maneuverings or due to his ability to exploit corruption in the system.

Or, to put it another way:

[h/t BBC News]

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