Caitlyn Jenner Brought Out the Left’s ‘Speech Police’ in Full Force


jennerOf all the many aspects of the “Caitlyn” Jenner story which bother conservatives, the one which causes me the most agitation is how the liberal “thought police” have attempted to censor any debate over the many issues related to this extraordinary tale.

It’s not just that the vast majority of media coverage has been overwhelmingly celebratory. That alone is annoying by default. What is flat-out scary is that the many forces of the left have used media intimidation and political correctness to enforce the notion that enthusiastically honoring Jenner’s transformation is the only acceptable reaction.

I have written here before about how this very same tactic is used by media to eradicate debate over the issue of global warming. To me, when liberals (who used to believe in free expression until they realized that was unnecessary since they control almost all media) feel the need to disallow the other side to speak without fear of retribution, it is a sure sign that they are exceedingly insecure.

This has obviously been the case during the week since the new Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

Numerous celebrities who dared to even slightly hesitate to join the “All Praise Caitlyn” bandwagon were roundly castigated and forced to recant at point of verbal bayonets. Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Drake Bell, Conner Cruise, and even Clint Eastwood have all experienced the wrath of the liberal speech policing.

Making this even more disturbing is that none of them committed a “crime” any more serious than minor blasphemy against the accepted media religion, which dictates any remote criticism of a transgender person is an inherently grievous sin.

Let’s be clear here: I don’t believe these guys directly said anything remotely bigoted about Jenner. Snoop Dogg and Brown committed the worst thought crime by simply sharing a meme which referred to Jenner as a “science project” (a phrase, which it should be pointed out, has been often used to describe those who have undergone dramatic plastic surgery).

What I found interesting about the attacks on those two is that they both possess three layers of usually strong armor under the politically-correct rules of engagement: They are black, are big celebrities, and have been inoculated by past “controversies.” And yet even such usually strong defenses were no match for the blowtorch of backlash they faced via the wrath of Jenner supporters.

Conner Cruise is also black — the adopted son of a celebrity (Tom Cruise) — but his weaker force field was unable to protect him even when he was 100% correct in blasting ESPN for its absurd, insulting, purely commercial decision to award Jenner their Arthur Ashe Award for courage — a decision even Bob Costas found “crass” and “exploitative.” What is truly amazing about this is that, in the world of liberal PC rules, usually nothing trumps standing up for the legacy of a black man who faced real discrimination. But here even that was somehow trumped by the desire to honor a biological man for looking like a woman, while she still possesses the sexual equipment of a man.

It was a rather benign and logical statement related to this biological “inconvenient truth” (even Nancy Grace got questioned for daring to bring up the fact that Jenner has not actually “transitioned” physically from being a man) which got actor and musician Drake Bell in big trouble. Not even his minor celebrity could fight off the PC brigades: Bell had no chance after he simply tweeted that he would still call Jenner “Bruce.”

This dastardly act was referred to as “transphobic” and Bell was forced to seek absolution for his sin. He deleted the tweet, thus keeping the nation safe from an outbreak of “transphobia” which undoubtedly would have ensued if someone was allowed to call a celebrity by the name by which they are most famous. To further protect us from such a catastrophe, a Washington Post writer has even created a Twitter feed dedicated to automatically correcting those who “incorrectly” describe Jenner’s gender.

Perhaps most amazingly of all, even Clint Eastwood (a conservative white male for sure, but with extra PC protection provided by his iconic status) was unable to get away with an extremely minor thought crime. The legendary actor dared to make a very tame and not-remotely-negative joke about Jenner at a pre-taped awards show. Thankfully, Spike TV has assured us that the joke will never air. Cultural crisis averted!

(If only the Republican Party could have done the same censorship with Eastwood’s infamous empty chair speech at their 2012 convention.)

Speaking of politics, I should also mention that likely GOP presidential candidate/frontrunner Scott Walker was somehow asked on ABC’s This Week about a tweet President Barack Obama sent out praising Jenner’s courage. That’s right, one question in a rather short interview with a legitimate presidential contender dealt with a tweet about a transgender reality TV star. I believe this development may be a sign of the coming apocalypse.

Walker rightly refused to answer the obvious “gotcha” question directly, but I wish he could have told the truth about it without knowing he would have ended up like Drake Bell. In a rational world the correct answer would have been, “I don’t find Jenner’s actions, which have been universally praised, to be at all ‘courageous,’ and I am very interested to hear how our commander-in-chief could possibly justify using that word to describe them. I look forward to someone in the media asking him that question.”

Of course no one in the fawning news media will ever dare to ask Obama (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter) such a reasonable question. Yet somehow getting Walker’s opinion of what Obama tweeted is a matter of great media urgency. Gee, I wonder why?

Of course, looking on the bright side for Republicans, at least we finally know what it takes for the news media to treat one of them as protected from even the slightest criticism. As someone who documented what the news media did to unfairly destroy the first female on the GOP presidential ticket, I can now see myself getting behind the V.P. candidacy of the one Republican female in existence that we know the media will treat as untouchable.

How does Walker/Jenner 2016 sound?

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>> John Ziegler is a documentary filmmaker and a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host. You can follow him on Twitter @ZigManFreud

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