Can You Look at 20 Photos Of People Holding Signs And Guess If They’re OWS Or Tea Party Protesters?

There’s been a growing argument that — hippies and agitators aside — the bulk of the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party protesters comprise a very similar group: angry at the government and large corporations for overtaxing and under-representing the everyday American. Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera, likely trying to prove this point, presents a brilliant exercise in showing just how close the two groups are.

Stopera posted 20 photos of protesters holding up signs and asked readers to guess if the photo was taken at a Tea Party or Occupy protest. Trained eyes may pick up some telltale elements in the background of pictures, or even obvious themes in the signage, but it’s still a fun — and somewhat surprising — exercise in discovering how similar the two movements actually are.

Try your skill at the photos below (the answers are at the bottom of the page), then click here to test yourself at Feel free to report your score (19 out of 20. Huzzah) in the comments below.

Your samples:

Photo on top: Tea Party
Photo on the bottom: Occupy Wall Street

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